Character Introduction-Herja, the Death Knight

Restoration Nation

I wrote this some time ago, as a sort of basic introduction to my idea of the personality behind this character. Since she’s going to get development over the series, I don’t think there’s too much need to post more about her past, besides this snippet.

Cool side note: the name Herja comes from the Old Norse herja and the Old High German herjon, which means ‘devastate’.  The Proto-Germanic word that these derive from, Herjaza, is also linked to a Continental Germanic goddess, Hariasa. I took this name for my DK because, besides meaning ‘devastate’, which is far too good of a meaning to pass up, it’s also the name of a valkyrie! Pretty cool huh?

She used to be a sentinel.  She prided herself in serving her people for over two millennia, giving all of herself to the cause.  She didn’t search for a mate, had no children.  Her…

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