Loremaster Series- The Tanaan Invasion & Commentary

Restoration Nation

I posted a section on the Tanaan Invasion quest chain yesterday, but I realized I wanted to set it up a bit different. Instead of arbitrary chunks of writing, I’ll post for the end of each quest chain. Sometimes this means it will be a long entry, like the one for this section, and sometimes they will be shorter, it just depends on how it rolls. After the story there will be a commentary section to follow-up, and hopefully I’ll keep this format from now on! I hope you enjoy!

From the moment the summons reached me, I knew I’d be there to help defend my home. The portal was monstrous, a blight upon an already deadened landscape. The beasts in their bloodied iron waited for us, but with a quick push we beat them back and secured an opening. As we poured through the door, the sight of rippling…

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