Old Posts From Inner Sanctum

Holy cow there are a lot of them…..

I definitely won’t reblog these. I’m just really going to recommend you go there and take a good rummage for previous things.

For those of you interested in any papers I had written on the blog, I will link those:

The rest of the posts are personal updates or writing on my personal spiritual path. While this blog will have quite a bit of that, I’m not the same person I was back then, and thus it would be unfair for me to just dump all the same stuff back upon myself. The reblogs from RestorationNation were all relatively new, but a lot of this is best served as archives.

I may reblog specific posts when they come up, or link to them. Or hell, if it’s just text, I may just straight copy them over, it’s honestly just the photo posts that are a bitch to move.

Ok, I think this is the round up of the past stuff. On to new material!