Guild Wars 2 is AWESOME!

Guild Wars 2 is AWESOME!

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Seriously though, it really is.

I purchased it on sale about a year ago but never did much with it after playing a character to level 11. It was fun but I had other things to do, honestly, and couldn’t sustain an extra game.

However, about a week and a half ago, a close friend and I started playing the game. He’s a significantly more experienced player and is taking me around and showing me the ropes and what not, and it is the best!

I’m an adorable Sylvari mesmer and I go around slashing things with a magic sword and shooting them with magic bullets, making tricksy shit happen and spawning clones and making rifts in reality with my staff, all the while my friend is smacking the crap out of the enemies at the same time as either a melee or ranged ranger, and we just demolish everything…

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