A Change in Life

Hey guys! I know it’s been a bit since I’ve written anything on this blog. It’s not that I’m inactive, but it’s just that life has been really crazy these past few months.

For those who don’t know, I don’t live in the best home environment. I moved home in December of 2014 as my final go at the University I was attending kind of busted. I came back to save money and get back on my feet, so I didn’t have to struggle as much, and it was only an hour to an hour and a half away from my best friends. However, as much as I love her, my mother and I have an extremely unhealthy relationship. While she has her loving moments, for many years she’s been cruel and both emotionally and verbally abusive towards me, with rare bouts of physical as well. I don’t want to get into super graphic details, but the short of it is that I spiraled into a depressive hole. Keeping a job was hard, working on art was impossible, I struggled to function between the lack of ADHD medication/regulation, living in an environment that was high stress and extremely controlling and a deep sense of self loathing.

These past few months have finally seen some changes, although the home situation has only gotten more tense. I’ve been lucky though, and I’ll be moving in with two lovely friends at the end of the week. It’s only a partial move, since we’ll be finding a bigger place together in July, and the leaving is very abrupt, since my parents are out of town and I’ll be leaving right before they return. It’s not the most mature of moves but it’s what I have to do, since trying to leave elsewise will result in a large fighting and screaming match as well as threats to keep me here. It’s not that my mother wants me here always, but she doesn’t want me leaving until she feels that I’ll be 100% set to succeed. But life isn’t like that, ever, and while I’m here I can’t pursue art fully, which is what I want to do for a career. I’m 26 and it’s time to take life into my own hands.

Anyway, I’ll be dealing with this for a bit longer, then I’ll hopefully have more time for writing. I’m also setting up an art portfolio tumblr! Whoo!

Just wanted to toss out a general sort of update thing. In a few weeks to a month, I should be stable and writing on a regular basis ❤