I figure I’d give any new readers a bit of background on me, but instead of doing any of the general boring stuff, I’m going to break it down in reference to the main topics I’m going to discuss, because else wise I’ll forget whatever I was talking about and end up rambling. This is how my brain works.

Paganism, Witchcraft, Spirituality and Other Such Related Things

I’ve been researching paganism and witchcraft since I was 14/15 years old (sometime my freshman year of high school, more or less), so it’s been just over a decade now. Like many who find paganism today, I was introduced through a friend (specifically their book, which happened to be Teen Witch by Silver RavenWolf) and found myself reading up more and more about Wicca through whatever I could lay my hands on. I borrowed that friend’s copies of books and copied so much information on bus rides to cross country meets that it was kind of silly. Eventually I found out about copy machines and made my life a bit easier.

Soon I was able to get my hands on books I could actually keep, as well as getting better internet access. I kept researching for years, with mostly a literary background. I branched out from Wicca pretty quickly and soon moved on to find my spiritual home in a combination of panentheism, animism and polytheism, with the primary body of my religious focus being towards the Greek pantheon, with Celtic influences here and there. In terms of Witchcraft, I am a member and initiate of a mostly local tradition, The Forest’s Edge. I am one of the main blog authors and keep up a fair bit of our electronic presence. My Witchcraft is a combination of the hedge, green and hearth variety, with some other flavors woven in between of course. I think that’s about it for me in that department!

Video Games, Nerdy Things

Well, I’ve always kind of played video games, but as a kid I really sucked at them. I always had to start and restart things and I got angry and deleted my save files a lot. The first game I ever really got into was probably Crash Bandicoot Warped, goodness I loved that game. I went from the NES to a Playstation, so I kind of skipped some gens. I got a PS2, and it’s still my only console right now. As for handheld, my parents didn’t really find a point in them. I got a GBC from a yardsale for $5 and then eventually got a DS, then a 3DSXL, which is what I have now.

I do most of my gaming on my desktop and go through spurts of being an avid PC gamer, but my attention wavers from time to time. I play a fair bit of WoW, but am on a hiatus for now. I am also playing Guild Wars 2, but haven’t had a ton of time to play lately. I have a huge to play list right now, so there’s that.

I also love D&D and will be doing some character writing about those babs as well as my WoW characters/GW2 characters most likely. I love character writing and development.

I tend to read a lot of fantasy and some science fiction and love a lot of different series across many different forms of media. You’ll see more of this as time goes on!

ADHD and Mental Health

I suffer from combined type ADHD and it wrecks my life a large amount of the time. Trying to get back on medication and learning to establish different systems that work for me, each day is a bit of a struggle to maintain any sort of focus. I’ll be writing about this to show what works for me, what doesn’t, and hopefully help others who struggle.

I also suffer from a plethora of anxiety and have attacks from time to time, and I definitely have some coping mechanisms that will be hopefully useful to others.


I’ve always been into art at a surface level, but I’m trying to push myself farther in now, so that eventually I can pursue it as a career. I know, it’s never an easy path, but I find creating things quite rewarding and digital art has expanded the ability to get yourself out there into the world.

Most of my art right now is done for the Furry fandom, but I’d like to get into high fantasy art eventually. I really love digital painting, goodness, and I want to push towards that.

I’ll be posting my sfw art up here and links to the nsfw stuff (since I’m not sure everyone wants to see NSFW furry prons lol). I’ll probably post pin ups here though. Shouldn’t be a huge deal, I’ll put up a warning on the blog title for those ❤

Fitness, Food and Such

I’m losing weight and starting to train for a half marathon. I love food. I ran all through middle school and high school, took several years break and am getting back into it for a lot of reasons. Yeah, that’s that. Man I’m getting shorter and shorter with these descriptions lol.

Furry Stuff

Yup, I’m a member of the furry community. So hopefully that doesn’t make you uncomfortable, sorry if it does, but it’s a part of me. I love getting art of my characters as well as writing on them, so stuff like that will find its way here. Be prepared, but again I’ll keep the raunchy stuff in link form only with warnings.

Ok so the backgrounds got shorter and shorter as my patience for writing this did. Honestly, I don’t think you need to know too much more than above, and anything else you’ll probably learn along the way. I mostly just wanted to give you a base to start at!

Ta, I’m off to friends and a fabulous weekend! I should be writing more starting next week, I was kind of stuck on this post for a bit.