Loremaster Series- The Tanaan Invasion & Commentary

Loremaster Series- The Tanaan Invasion & Commentary

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I posted a section on the Tanaan Invasion quest chain yesterday, but I realized I wanted to set it up a bit different. Instead of arbitrary chunks of writing, I’ll post for the end of each quest chain. Sometimes this means it will be a long entry, like the one for this section, and sometimes they will be shorter, it just depends on how it rolls. After the story there will be a commentary section to follow-up, and hopefully I’ll keep this format from now on! I hope you enjoy!

From the moment the summons reached me, I knew I’d be there to help defend my home. The portal was monstrous, a blight upon an already deadened landscape. The beasts in their bloodied iron waited for us, but with a quick push we beat them back and secured an opening. As we poured through the door, the sight of rippling…

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Character Introduction-Herja, the Death Knight

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I wrote this some time ago, as a sort of basic introduction to my idea of the personality behind this character. Since she’s going to get development over the series, I don’t think there’s too much need to post more about her past, besides this snippet.

Cool side note: the name Herja comes from the Old Norse herja and the Old High German herjon, which means ‘devastate’.  The Proto-Germanic word that these derive from, Herjaza, is also linked to a Continental Germanic goddess, Hariasa. I took this name for my DK because, besides meaning ‘devastate’, which is far too good of a meaning to pass up, it’s also the name of a valkyrie! Pretty cool huh?

She used to be a sentinel.  She prided herself in serving her people for over two millennia, giving all of herself to the cause.  She didn’t search for a mate, had no children.  Her…

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Loremaster Series-Introduction

First in a set of reblogs about old character things, please forgive me! ❤

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Hey guys! So, I’ve decided to do a set of posts as I go through Loremaster!

I’ll be using a few different toons for this, and I won’t be using Nymphaea for these posts either. I don’t want to have to do write ups every time I play my main, ya know?

I’m starting off with my DK, Herja, for Draenor. I’ll also be playing my rogue, Marozia, for Vanilla/BC/LK/Cata/Pandaria. I intend on going through both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms with Marozia, but I might decide against that and roll a separate toon for EK, still not sure.

I do want to point out though that I won’t just be providing commentary on the quests. There will be some of that, of course, but the main reason I’m doing this is because this is going to be chock full of writing and mental RP. A large portion of these posts…

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